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The first printed book is in store now for €20 only!
Gorgeous. True. Real Cyprus

About CY U
Meet Cyprus island
represented in a black and white film photography as it is

CY U is an art-documentary project depicting real life of Cyprus island in a black and white film photography.

Honest and straight, brave and provocative — CY U is not a mean of promoting the island, but aimed to show its life as it really is.

Either light, beautiful or dark and ugly.

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our products
Gorgeous moments deserve to be reproduced in a physical form

Best scenes choosen with care
The most beautiful and meaningful photographs made by Max Zhiltsov are choosen by us to be reproduced in high quality
CY U art products.

Full cycle analogue printing
for the most special shots
We do support digital, but really love and support film and classic photographic process — optical printing in a darkroom.

The magic of chemistry and light brings an outstanding quality
Each and every print takes time to be carefully made with precision in tones and contrast and then it pays back with unique experience to the owner.

The unique piece of art brings unique emotions
CY U is about true Cyprus and real, bold emotions. Nothing could keep your memories alive better than a classic silver halide print mounted on a wall.


The first CY U
photobook is here!

Book one:
The Tired City Of Limassol
This book is kicking of the CY U series.

48 pages of black and white photographs made on film are representing Limassol and its fatigue driven by controversive city growth.

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